I am here for the tiny-bag trend.

Erin Kean Blog

No more rummaging through my purse trying to find my keys for 20 minutes straight. Besides the fact that I no longer get an arm workout by carrying my overstuffed bag, I am loving having a smaller purse. It forces you to only bring the essentials – and even then you need to be picky.


The tiny-bag trend is a coming at the best time. My current bag situation is a mess. At any point in time, it’s guaranteed that in my oversized purse you can find my wallet, loose receipts (from who knows what year), pens, hair ties, my laptop, planner, and old granola bar wrappers. Having a tiny purse has forced me to clean up my act.


Here are a few of my favorites for the tiny bag trend that will transition nicely into fall.

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